"Our priority is to create the highest quality food & supplements and to make them delicious. Effective and healthy workout supplements."
Even the most efficient products containing highest quality components, cannot meet clients’ demands, if simply they are not tasty! When creating a new line of products, our priority was not only to create the highest quality supplements, but to make them delicious! Our products include a wide range of delightful flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding customers!
According to The International Food Information Council’s 2020: 54% of consumers care more about healthfulness of their food and beverage choices today than they did in 2010. 
52% of Gen Z consumers are knowledgeable about healthy eating and track what they eat* (* EIT Food Report, 2021)
The Allnutrition brand is available in selected online stores, about 100 own stores & cooperation with the largest retailers in Poland (Lidl, Biedronka, Auchan, Dino, Żabka, Decathlonand) and 20 countries throughout Europe.
"We carefully choose our business partners and constantly build new relationships, and want to build a strong and highly recognizable brand."